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Cuz Linda/Aunt Phil

These photos were taken at my mother’s 90th birthday in Michigan June 2018, great times, great memories, you will live in our hearts forever!

08-21-2020-Aunt Phil in June 2018 - Died November 6th 2018

Aunt Phillipa VanOrden, my mother’s sister, passed on November 6th, 2018

08-21-2020-Me and Linda in June 2018 - Died August 19, 2020

Her daughter Linda, my cousin, passed on August 19, 2020


Aunt Phil (seated), Aunt Cindy, Patricia (mom), Aunt Hazel and Aunt June


Aunt Cindy, Aunt June (seated), Aunt Phil, Patricia (mom), and Aunt Hazel

08-21-2020-Aunt Phil - Linda in June 2018 - 1
08-21-2020-Aunt Phil - Linda in June 2018 - 2