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PPM Tribute

This is a tribute page to my sister Phyllis who lived life to the fullest!
(We learned this from our mother!)

Below are two journals about Phyllis’ life when she started her around the world tours.


This was Phyllis’ most current Journal


Phyllis’ First World Tour Journey on the Gaia
with Bob Riggle

2009-03-02-SriLanka-elephant orphanage-Tour with Joseph151-crop

These are two news articles about her abduction.


Somali pirates kill four US hostages

Pirates Brutally End Yachting Dream


A video tribute to my sister Phyl

My niece Nina scanned some photos from my mother's photo albums of photos with Phyllis. We played this at the brunch memorial for Phyllis. It was just a quick tribute to my sister and all the fun we've had together.
All the best to all our family and friends who have shared their condolences during this horrible time.
Love, Pete & Ron


The Navy sent us their deepest sympathies

We received a box from the Navy that included a DVD of the memorial service that was given for the four victims..


Some of the photos they sent us from the Memorial service.

PPM-Navy-Tribute- 01-cropped

The mementos from the Navy included a flag box that held a USA flag that was on one of the military ships that was present when Phyllis was killed, this leather bound photo album from the memorial service, the printed pamphlet of the service and some pins from the USS Enterprise.


June 2011 - My brother and his wife Terry had a “ Celebration of Life”
party for friends and family to get together for Phyllis.


At the one year anniversary of Phyl’s passing, we release
some balloons in memory of her.

Phyllis 1 - Marker

My sister Cindy and my mother went to see a show by John Edward
 known for his TV show "Crossing Over"  This is a writeup Cindy did on the experience.  She printed this out and handed it out on the first anniversary of Phyl's death.