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Ron's Family Photos

Ron’s Family Photos
Random photos of Ron and his family

Lindsey Family Feb 2018-Names
Dave sky diving-cropped

Toby, Dave, Phyllis, Pete, Dave, Ron


Mom, Phyllis, Cindy, Pete, Ron
Visit to Argentina and Tango show - Nov 2001

Pej n Ron - Xerox XMas Party 1999

Halloween in the mid-late 80s - Ron made the costumes!

Ron - Navy whites

Pete and Ron - Xerox XMas Party 1999

P3 Ron Flew in

The P3 Navy planes Ron flew in, they tracked submarines by triangulation by dropping sonar buoys in the water.  He was the Radio and Cryptology Communications officer.  He was in charge of radio communications and coding communications and keeping the “secret box” safe.

Ron in his dress whites - late 80s
I always told him if we could ever legally get married, he would have to wear this!

Ron & flight crew

Ron and his flight crew.

Ron in Iwakuni Japan ~ circa 1959

Ron in Iwakuni Japan ~ circa 1959

Ron and Dave Ron Biking

Running the Bay to Breakers, here with our friend Dave Pirogowicz.  Mom’s work, the Saint Francis hotel, sponsored their employees and family with shorts and shirts for the event, I still have mine after almost 30 years!

Ron-Bay to Breakers

Bay to Breakers - different years

Ron loves bike riding - Late 80s.

Ron in Hawaii approx 1987

Hawaii - approx 1987

Ron in Kauai 1987


Ron in Navy uniform North Hollywood 1955

Ron in Navy uniform North Hollywood 1955

Ron - Kauai 1987

Ron in San Francisco Circa 1984
Ron in Yokohama ~ Japan 1961

Ron in Yokohama ~ Japan 1961

Ron in mom’s backyard on Felton St in San Francisco Circa 1983

Ron Navy 1959
Ron Tie
Ron Weaver in front of Alto
Ron with Mom & Dick ~ circa Dec 1954

Ron with Mom & brother Dick ~ circa Dec 1954

Ron was the archivist at the Palo Alto Research Center - PARC  Here he is in front of an Alto, the world’s first personal computer with a graphical user interface.

Ron with Mom ~ Dick ~ Sally ~ circa 1944

Ron with Mom ~ brother Dick ~ sister Sally ~ circa 1944

Ron Young

A young Ron - look at those ears!

Ron with son Randy in Japan 1961

Ron with son Randy in Japan 1961




Happiest day of my life! Nov 12, 2010
We are able to legally marry!

After 28 years of living in sin, we were finally allowed to legally marry.
This was before we head to the ceremony at city hall.


Right before we headed home for our reception, we took a photo in front of the beautiful jacaranda trees to celebrate our amazing life together!


After the ceremony in the courtyard of the city hall.

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001 - Jon at an earlier age