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Life Happens!

Random moments of our lives!


Life with Lola - April 2022


Going through my desk I found a postcard from my sister Phyllis when she was in Sri Lanka in January of 2009

Lisa Walters - Kevin Johansen March 15 2021

When Lisa visited us in Argentina I introduced her to Kevin Johansen’s music, he was born in the USA and his mother was Argentine, he moved to Buenos Aires and lived here during his teenage years.  His music is a mix of English and Spanish using lots of traditional Argentine kinds of musical instruments and usually performs with a large group of musicians and accompanying vocals in his band.  Ron and I saw him once live in Buenos Aires and the age of the audience was evenly mixed between young teenagers and people my age!  His music is very diverse and interesting, check out his videos on youtube.
Lisa posted this on my FaceBook timeline on March 15, 2021


Mad Magazine - We visited my sister Cheryl and her daughter Melody and her son Edgar in May of 2015 in Alaska, where does the time go?? My sister saw this "Mad Magazine" book at a flea market sale and remembered how much I loved the magazine as a teenager. I'm slowly going through it and it's as hilarious as it was when I bought it as a teenager in the 70s. Fun stuff
Thanks Cheryl, I love you! and think about you every time I read a new comic!


I still think the artwork, satire, and comic genius of the writing is amazing and holds up just as funny today as the day it was written!
I thought the only one who liked the magazine were teenage boys, so I was surprised to hear from several of my female friends and relatives that they also enjoyed it! Rereading the comics, the humor is brilliant and very sophisticated!


The film critic Roger Ebert said "I learned to be a movie critic by reading Mad magazine.


Jan 27, 2019 The World's Greatest Husband!

01-It's 80 F  27 C but Lola and Rocky still want to take a nap

Dec 28, 2018 - It's 80 F / 27 C but Lola and Rocky still want to take a nap together!


New FaceBook Banner photo of Rocky and Lola - July 2018

Card Score 2007-1

Ron and I play cards every night before dinner, I was going through our stereo cabinet and found one of our log books, this one from 2007 (Today is June 19, 2018). Crazy but we still do this every night. Ron calls this quality time, I call it "Gin and Toro time!"

Card Score 2007-2

Ron makes up these score books, this is the kind of stuff you do when you’re retired!

Card Score 2007-3

I bought some grass at a street kiosk for the cats.


When Ron makes a salad, they meow for some lettuce, they like greens!


May 25 is Argentina's establishment of a local government, the Primera Junta (First Junta), on May 25, 1810. It was the first successful revolution in the South American Independence process. On Saturday they had a fly over of 4 planes and a parade down Avenida Libertador.


As part of their May 25th celebration.

Channeling Lisa March 21 2017

When my friend Lisa was visiting, she sat herself on my kitchen counter with a drink while I made dinner, talking about things, so now I channel her good energy when I'm cleaning up the dinner dishes by doing the same! To Life!

College Friends June 30 2018

College friends from MSU, Karen, Dean, Jill and Dean’s daughter! 2018