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Apartment Pics

Now with Furniture and our Art
This is our apartment in July of 2004

 The view as you step off the elevator - On the left is the
 Juan Carlos Lasser painting we bought in Dec 2003

Living area, looking back towards front door  Notice: Fat Cat

Living area.  Notice: Fat Nosy Cat

Stereo and card playing area towards Office

In suite guest bathroom, yes, I'm standing
in the tub to get this photo!

"Wheres my lunch??"

Guest reception toilet

As you enter, dining room on right

Looking towards front door and kitchen

Living area towards stereo and card playing area

Office with dual sized desk, messy but functional
This is also the guest room with futon sofa / bed
this is where you'll stay when you visit us!

Kitchen entrance from dining room area.

Utility area with sink and washer dryer,
hidden with a frosted glass pocket door

  Entry way, kitchen on left, master suite straight ahead

Cool mirror I bought at the Recoleta Cemetary Artist's Faire

Looking towards front door from master suite entrance

Master suite, with our Luis Niveiro
painting purchased in July 2004

The painting is amazing
Notice: Nosy Cat follows me around when taking pictures

Floating Glass Block Bed, inspired by my sister Phyllis it lights up at night to give the allusion you're floating on a cloud! 

In suite bathroom 

Open shower area

Sinks are hand made with little squares of marble

View from shower, you can
see Uruguay when you shower

Shower area towards master suite