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Before Moving In!

Empty Apartment Pics
Before We Moved in! - May 2003

It’ll never look like this again!

Ron took these pics at 6 am the day the movers were showing up to move our things in.

  "MY" open shower, I always wanted an open shower and this has views from the 19th floor.  In front of the shower is a 1/2 height wall that has the sinks then windows beyond.

Cool light fixtures

The sinks face open windows so the birds get a
a view of my butt when I brush my teeth!

Ron wanted a seat in the shower so you can wash
your feet without killing yourself!

Between the dining room and the kitchen

This is the cherry oak trim I had the carpenter
install, floor is original, this is our entryway

Around the perimeter of the dining and living room.

I don't like doors so the architects suggested
a glass door between the living space and bedroom

Guest reception Toilet

Our cool dining room light, it can be easily
moved up and down on the pulley

Kitchen with views of the Rio de la Plata river

Guest reception Toilet, the red color was hard
to get right, took many tries by the painter

6 am morning views from the kitchen

Even the laundry sink has the beautiful
Brazilian Amarillo granite

We're having a breakfast table built for the
center work island

View from kitchen to the
living room and the views beyond

Dining room views

Front Entryway

Ron's CD rack

6 am living room views

The guest bathroom, this is yours when yo
come visit us!

this is what I walk by every morning with my coffee on the
way to the office to check email

Marble all around!