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Paige's Graduation

Ron put together some photos to share with my mother, so she could be there vicariously. I thought you might enjoy seeing them as well.

It was a long and miserable flight, mainly because we made our reservations too close to the time of the flight, and we were not able to get good seats. We’ve been used to having seats in an exit row, or at least “Preferred” seats, which on American have an extra 6 inches of leg room, and you have to pay extra for them, UNLESS you have Priority status, which we do. I’d forgotten how much that extra 6 inches meant in terms of comfort. I was not able to get any sleep at all because I just couldn’t get comfortable. YUCK! Anyhow, we arrived in Detroit a little early, and Joey was still on the highway. We only had to wait about 10 minutes and he was there. He’s the greatest brother-in-law. He loaned us his car while we were there, so we didn’t have to rent one, plus he let us stay in their basement, and it was really comfortable. No motel fees for us either. Probably the best sleep I’ve had in a long time. Thanks Joey!

We didn’t start taking photos until we got to the auditorium where the Pinning ceremony was held.

Paige with her mom and grandmother Marlene.


The proud parents. This was obviously a very big day for Paige. All the hard work was behind her now.


Marlene & Paige


What a great family. Two nurses and a future electrician or possibly an engineer.


On Saturday we met Jill and Dean, two of Pete’s college friends. We had a great dinner together.


In our travels Pete spied a White Castle and he got a craving that wouldn’t go away. So, before we left for the graduation ceremony on Sunday we went there for lunch. Couldn’t talk anybody into going with us, so in was a solo affair. We each had 5 sliders, a coke and fries. BURP!


Pete was in White Castle Heaven! I was just along for the ride.

These are shots from the graduation ceremony on Sunday.


Paige slowly heads towards the stage to receive her diploma (or at lease the cover for it). The deans wore really elaborate garb.


It was a pretty moving scene seeing Paige get a big hug from the dean. Her cake was really good, too!



Nick brought flowers for the happy graduate.


Back home after the graduation, everyone was so relaxed. While Pete taught Nick and Paige how to play our favorite 2-person card game, “500”, Mary, Joey, Keith and Christina were playing poker using the serial numbers on One Dollar Bills. There was one bill that had six 2s in the serial number. It kept popping up, and everyone knew when it did, and who had it.


Mary took us to the airport and saw us off, with all our treasures. We had been sending things to Terry & Joey’s for a month or so, and when we arrived, there was a stack of boxes in their basement that reminded us of what we had been putting Pat through each February. I don’t think we will be doing that again. Cindy has volunteered to be our mail recipient. She’s certainly got much more room to store it until we arrive in February.

But about our treasures, one of them was a GPS we ordered from Amazon. It was fantastic to use it in getting around, since we really didn’t know the area all that well. Pete programmed in every place we had to go, and it took us there like magic. I also bought an iPad PRO, and I love it. I’ll be taking that to South Africa instead of my lap top computer. We have a serious weight restriction, especial on the domestic flights within the country. There was a bunch of small things as well, including some things Pete bought that his trainer had ordered.

Hope you enjoy these photos. We took many more, so it’s been a challenge to prune it down to a reasonable travelogue. Can’t thank Terry and Joey enough for their amazing hospitality.

Much Love to all,

Ron & Pej