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Puerto Vallarta 2017

Puerto Vallarta - Feb 2017 Chapter 1

We left Buenos Aires on a hot summer day, 20 February, and flew to San Francisco, arriving on a cold winter day, and the headline news at the time was that 50,000 people in San Jose were evacuated from their homes due to flooding as a result of torrential rains and reservoirs having overflowing their banks.


Fortunately we did not run into any of this in our travels during the three days we were in the Bay Area. All the water evidently found its way into the Bay before we had to drive to San Jose.

We visited with Terry & David Pirogowicz before going to pick up my daughter Sally. It was a beautiful day.


They have a beautiful garden, and the tulips were in full bloom. Terry had prepared an array of delicious snacks and she brewed us an exotic tea. We really enjoyed our time with them.


They’ve become activists in voicing their position on Trump, and showed us their “pussy hats”. They are among about half of America in this regard. I suspect that we have yet to feel the full impact of the Trump presidency. With each passing day the news gets more and more impossible to believe.

On Wednesday the 22nd we held what has become an annual family and friends dinner at the Basque Cultural Center, and Scott Weaver (my nephew) and his wife Desiree flew in from Colorado to meet his uncle Ron and the rest of the family for the first time. This was exciting for us because none of us had ever met Scott in person, but on Facebook. It’s funny how families can reside on different branches of the family tree and never meet, until years later, evidence of how fragmented family life in the United States has become.

L to R: Pete, Jason, Chelsea, Sally, and Al                                       L to R: Pat, Scott L., Scott W., Desiree


Scott Lindsey & Scott Weaver                            Pat Drinkwater & Cynthia Lindsey



Meals at the Basque Cultural Center in South San Francisco are always excellent. I think everyone had a good time.

But now we are off to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for two weeks. This year we exchanged our Westin Club Regina weeks in Cabo San Lucas for the Westin Club Regina in Puerto Vallarta because the Cabo resort was still a long way from recovering completely from hurricane Odile of 14-15 September 2014. I just googled Hurricane Odile and there are plenty of reports on it. The one I watched is and all I can say is that I was glad I was not there.

We have just arrived in Puerto Vallarta, and of course we were totally ready for a margarita. The Club Regina restaurant Inizio has the same statue at the entrance in both resorts.


I don’t know why it is, but the margaritas always taste so much better in Mexico.

This is the view from our table at the Inizio. Always, on our first night, we have dinner in the resort restaurant, mostly because we are really tired after spending about 12 hours on a plane, in coach. Pete ordered the catch of the day. It was excellent.


As the sun was setting, the two ladies near us were photographing the waiter as he prepared their Bananas Flambe.

The resort is a huge property, even bigger, I thought, than the Club Regina in Los Cabos. I could easily spend more time here than the two weeks we had scheduled.


There were plenty of palm trees, and like Pete says, if palm trees don’t grow there, we’re not going there. ;o)


The resort is right on the beach, and what a beautiful beach it was, and the water wasn’t all that cold either.

Our second night we ate at the Arecife Restaurant, and we got to watch the sun set into the sea, off towards Japan somewhere.


It is surprising how fast the sun moves when it is near the edge of the earth. When the disk first touched the horizon it is only a matter of seconds before it disappears from sight. The beauty of our world never ceases to amaze me.

This was Happy Hour on our second day. We enjoyed margaritas before heading to our room for a short game of 500 before showering and dressing for dinner. Life is tough sometimes, but somebody’s got to do it. ;o)


The maid who took care of our room was pretty cleaver with the towels. She left this little bear our first night, and it stayed with us for the entire two weeks.


This night we had dinner at the Inizio, and started with a martini (my, how unusual).


Club Regina has the most complete and spacious gym and spa facilities Ive ever seen. One could really let themselves go here. There was a wet and a dry sauna, and several quiet rooms for relaxing after a massage. A hot and cold pool, and a tennis court.


It is my opinion that I liked the Club Regina in Puerto Vallarta possibly more than the one in Cabo San Lucas, where we are owners. I’m going to close for now before this message becomes too large for some mail hosts. More to follow soon.