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Ron's 79th BDay!

  Ron's 79th BDay!
July 24, 2016
A good excuse to have friends over to share a meal and some delicious Argentine Malbec!

RonBday-2016- (7)1

I’m a lucky guy!

RonBday-2016- (8)

Ron, Phil, Javier, Guillermo, Diego, Pete, Marcos, Bill, Diego #2

RonBday-2016- (10)

Fabian, Phil, Javier, Guillermo, Diego

RonBday-2016- (11)

Fabian, Phil, Javier

RonBday-2016- (15)

Marcos, Bill, Diego

RonBday-2016- (13)

Poached salmon and a salad, we started with Ron's chicken noodle soup for a first course, and his famous carrot cake for dessert!

RonBday-2016- (14)

Ron's famous carrot cake for dessert!  TO DIE FOR!!

Best Carrot Cake

Here’s the recipe if you want to try it!
Don’t forget the buttermilk glaze, Ron did one time and it’s not the same!!

RonBday-2016- (17)

Javier, Guillermo and Diego

RonBday-2016- (18)

Pete and Marcos

RonBday-2016- (19)

After dinner, Rocky is looking for any Carrot Cake that someone might have left!

RonBday-2016- (22)

Ron putting the cake away before bed!

RonBday-2016- (23)

Another great dinner with friends!

RonBday-2016- (25)

Next morning cleanup detail!

RonBday-2016- (26)

Ron washes and I dry!  We call this quality time together so it doesn’t seem so bad!

RonBday-2016- (27)

We’ve had these wine glasses for over 20 years!

RonBday-2016- (28)

Another great celebration of life with our friends.