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New Years Eve 2015

New years eve dinner and fireworks!
Ringing in the new years with friends!
Dec 31st, 2015

NewYearsEve-2015- (1)

Getting hors d'oeuvres ready

NewYearsEve-2015- (2)
NewYearsEve-2015- (4)

Boris' catnip is olives, he goes insane over olives, here we're trying to keep him off the table.

NewYearsEve-2015- (5)
NewYearsEve-2015- (6)

I bought some colorful bracelets for everyone to have fun with.

NewYearsEve-2015- (8)

Do I get some champagne yet?

NewYearsEve-2015- (9)

Rocky is waiting for the party to begin.  Rocky: “Now do I get some champagne??”

NewYearsEve-2015- (10)

Everything’s ready!

NewYearsEve-2015- (15)
NewYearsEve-2015- (17)
NewYearsEve-2015- (18)
NewYearsEve-2015- (20)

Everything's set, so we get our first new years eve drink!

NewYearsEve-2015- (21)
NewYearsEve-2015- (22)

Rocky: “Did someone say champange?”

NewYearsEve-2015- (23)

My gin and toro, best drink EVER!  Cheers!  To life!

NewYearsEve-2015- (25)

Boris still can't reach the olives!

NewYearsEve-2015- (26)

All the preparations are done, now just waiting for company to arrive!

NewYearsEve-2015- (27)
NewYearsEve-2015- (28)

Ron and Michael. I bought these glasses that light up with LEDs in the bottom.

NewYearsEve-2015- (29)

Hernán, Michael, Ron and Pablo. Pablo got a kick out of the electric glasses.

NewYearsEve-2015- (30)

Hernán and Michael with their electric drinks.

NewYearsEve-2015-Michael- (32)

Trying my homemade paté with cognac, Mmmmmmmm!

NewYearsEve-2015- (31)

Tom and Michael - Notice electric drink on the floor!

NewYearsEve-2015- (32)

Norm and Robert - Are we having fun yet?

NewYearsEve-2015- (33)

Hernán and Pablo

NewYearsEve-2015- (35)

Robert, Pete and Pedro

NewYearsEve-2015-Michael- (5)

Waiting for a guest to arrive up the elevator

NewYearsEve-2015-Michael- (8)

Micheal, Pedro and Ron

NewYearsEve-2015-Michael- (10)

Norm and Robert, they didn’t want an electric lit up glass!

NewYearsEve-2015-Michael- (13)

Pablo and Tom enjoying a drink, good conversation and some hors d'oeuvres before dinner

NewYearsEve-2015-Michael- (15)

Pedro, Ron and Hérnan

NewYearsEve-2015-Michael- (18)

Hernán and Pablo with his electric drink!

NewYearsEve-2015-Michael- (24)

Pedro with his electric drink and Ron

NewYearsEve-2015-Michael- (27)

Norm putting on his bracelets!

NewYearsEve-2015-Michael- (37)

Waiting for dinner.

NewYearsEve-2015- (36)

Pedro, Michael, Norm, Hernán, Pete, Tom, Pablo and Robert
New Year Eve in Buenos Aires, it was 32 C / 89 F!

NewYearsEve-2015-Michael- (7)

Poached salmon with safron rice and a cold corn salsa salad,
I was trying to keep from heating up the kitchen too much!

NewYearsEve-2015-Michael- (25)

Ron made a kahlua pumpkin pie and then we had a cold fruit salad as a palette cleanser!

NewYearsEve-2015-Michael- (21)

Pedro brought a "Pan Dulce" which was really great! "Pan Dulce" is a traditional Argentine
sweet bread filled with dried fruits that is served around the Christmas holiday season.

NewYearsEve-2015- (37)

Pedro and Micheal

NewYearsEve-2015- (38)

Pedro, Ron and Michael

NewYearsEve-2015- (39)

Tom, Ricardo and Ariel

NewYearsEve-2015- (40)

Michael, Pedro, Ron and Pete

NewYearsEve-2015- (41)

Hernán and Pete

NewYearsEve-2015- (42)

Pablo and Hernán

NewYearsEve-2015- (43)

I bought paper confetti canons again to shoot off the balcony.

NewYearsEve-2015- (48)

Pedro contemplating his confetti canon attack!

NewYearsEve-2015- (47)


NewYearsEve-2015- (49)


NewYearsEve-2015- (50)


NewYearsEve-2015- (51)

Michael and Ron!

NewYearsEve-2015- (52)

I'm the luckiest guy in the world!

NewYearsEve-2015- (54)

Dos Pedros!

NewYearsEve-2015- (56)

Ari and Ron

NewYearsEve-2015- (58)

You can see fireworks all over the city.

NewYearsEve-2015- (64)

Somebody trying to blow a finger off, they had some good bottle rockets!

NewYearsEve-2015-Michael- (6)

Hernán shooting off a confetti canon!

NewYearsEve-2015-Michael- (19)

On the balcony watching the fireworks.

NewYearsEve-2015-Michael- (36)
NewYearsEve-2015- (65)

The aftermath!

NewYearsEve-2015- (66)

I remember my sister Phyllis once saying, "Why do I clean the kitchen floor before a party?",
now every time I'm cleaning the kitchen floor before a party I remember her!

NewYearsEve-2015- (67)

Was a lot of fun!

NewYearsEve-2015- (68)

The confetti canons!

NewYearsEve-2015- (69)

Another great dinner with friends!

NewYearsEve-2015- (70)
NewYearsEve-2015- (71)

Ron, Tom, Norm, Hernán, Robert, Michael, Ariel, Ricardo
Pablo, Pedro and Pete

NewYearsEve-2015-Michael- (29)

Michael took a photo of our building,
can you tell which apartment is ours with the icicle lights?

We put a close on another amazing year
in Buenos Aires!
Every year gets better and better!

Happy 2016 to Everyone!