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Xmas 2015

Christmas Season 2015

Ron-n-Pete-Happy Holidays 2015-cats

Every year we take a photo for the following year’s xmas card, before we take the tree down.  Ron added the silly kitty who is going after the ornaments!  Luckily Boris and Rocky are now 8 years old so they’re not that energetic about climbing the tree anymore.

XMas-2015- (2)

Rocky was helping by trying to eat and climb the tree. I thought animals were supposed to have super smelling capabilities? Why would they try and eat an artificial tree?

XMas-2015- (3)
XMas-2015- (7)

Got the tree up! Time for egg nog!

XMas-2015- (5)
XMas-2015- (8)

Some favorite ornaments!

XMas-2015- (9)

It’s great to remember the wonderful memories with the different ornaments!

XMas-2015- (10)

I'm in front, Ron's behind!

XMas-2015- (11)

My mom made us these ornaments with photos in them!

XMas-2015- (13)

We used to have a family holiday party every year and we would exchange one gift, my cousin Linda gave me this one year and it's a prized ornament!

XMas-2015- (14)

Aunt Hazel's Christmas mouse always gets a prime position,
high up the tree, the cats seem to also love my Christmas mouse!

XMas-2015- (15)

Fancy Feast used to have a yearly cat ornament, I have several.

XMas-2015- (17)
XMas-2015- (16)
XMas-2015- (18)
XMas-2015- (19)

Ron's sister Sally crocheted us a gingerbread house.

XMas-2015- (20)
Balcony Iicicle Lights-Dec-2015- (1)

We got the icicle lights up on the balcony! Let the holidays begin!  We brought the cranes and the Hotei ( from California with us for good luck in our new lives in Buenos Aires!

Balcony Iicicle Lights-Dec-2015- (4)

I always wanted icicle lights and Ron strung together 3 sets for me to fill our balcony with lights!

Balcony Iicicle Lights-Dec-2015- (5)

We were the first this year to get some holiday lights up!

Balcony Iicicle Lights-Dec-2015- (6)

Never get tired of our view of the city!

Balcony Iicicle Lights-Dec-2015- (7)
Balcony Iicicle Lights-Dec-2015- (12)

This is where Lisa sat when she was visiting and we had a nice chat about life and other eternal questions while in the kitchen, so I sit here and channel her and remember our great conversations! To life!

Our friends Robert and Norm always throw amazing dinner parties, here we join them for XMas eve dinner.

XmasEve-Michael-2015- (8)

Robert and Norm always have an amazing flower display which we appreciate
so much because we can’t have flowers in our home or the cats will destroy them!

XmasEve-Michael-2015- (19)
XmasEve-Michael-2015- (22)
XmasEve-Michael-2015- (4)

Pete and Michael - Where’s my xmas drinkie poo??

XmasEve-Michael-2015- (7)

Their apartment has a huge terrace, and since it’s our summer at XMas time we get to enjoy the terrace with drinks and appetizers before dinner.
Tom, Alejandro and Ron

XmasEve-Michael-2015- (6)

The wonderful hostesses!  Robert and Norm

XmasEve-Michael-2015- (18)

Ron, Pete and Bob

XMas-Eve-2015- (1)
XMas-Eve-2015- (2)
XmasEve-Michael-2015- (21)

Ron, Michael and Pete

XmasEve-Michael-2015- (10)

Dinner starts!

XmasEve-Michael-2015- (23)
XmasEve-Michael-2015- (12)

Roasted turkey!

XmasEve-Michael-2015- (15)

Tom, Michael, Carmen and Norm

XmasEve-Michael-2015- (17)

Bob and Tom, all the fixins!

XmasEve-Michael-2015- (1)

We’re lucky guys to have such great friends!

XMas-Eve-2015- (8)
XMas-Eve-2015- (9)
XMas-Eve-2015- (11)

Alejandro, Michael and Ron

XMas-Eve-2015- (13)

Delicious XMas eve dinner, couldn’t ask for a more delicious dinner!

XMas-Eve-2015- (14)
XMas-Eve-2015- (15)
XMas-Eve-2015- (16)
XMas-Eve-2015- (17)
XMas-Eve-2015- (19)

Robert makes his own masita treats to have with coffee

XmasEve-Michael-2015- (13)

Homemade pecan pie, one of my favorites!