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Ron's 78th BDay!

Good friends make turning

 another year older, easier!

Martini night! This was actually a few weeks after Ron’s bday dinner, but I love the photo so I thought this was a good place to put it.  Ron said he felt like a martini tonight while we were playing our nightly card game before dinner, so how could I refuse? My mom and her boyfriend Al bought us these wonderful martini glasses, every time we use them we think of them both. Life is AMAZING! To life! I’m such a lucky guy!

Rons78thBDay- (1)

Getting ready for the dinner!

Rons78thBDay- (2)

A very important area

Rons78thBDay- (4)

Setting the table, I got this new table cloth in Mexico on our last trip to Cabo San Lucas

Rons78thBDay- (6)
Rons78thBDay- (7)

Boris is getting a nap in before the party starts

Rons78thBDay- (8)
Rons78thBDay- (9)

Ron made his famous carrot cake for his birthday cake

Rons78thBDay- (12)

Guacamole, chips and home made liver paté!

Rons78thBDay- (13)

Hernán and Alberto

Rons78thBDay- (14)

Alberto and Pete

Rons78thBDay- (16)

Diego, Alberto and Guillermo

Rons78thBDay- (17)

Doing a selfie with Alberto

Rons78thBDay- (18)

Phil and Bill, it was Bill's bday the day before Ron's!

Rons78thBDay- (19)

Pete with the birthday boy!  I’m such a lucky guy!

Rons78thBDay- (21)


Rons78thBDay- (22)

Diego and Guillermo

Rons78thBDay- (23)

Diego, Ron, Guillermo and Pete

Rons78thBDay- (24)

Alberto and Diego #2

Rons78thBDay- (25)

Pete, Diego, Alberto and Diego #2

Alberto-RonsBDay (4)
Alberto-RonsBDay (2)

Alberto and Ron

Alberto-RonsBDay (5)

Diego, Alberto and Guillermo

Alberto-RonsBDay (6)

Fabian, Alberto and Hernán

Alberto-RonsBDay (7)

Alberto and Pete

Alberto-RonsBDay (9)

Alberto and Diego #2

Alberto-RonsBDay (10)

Diego is always helping out in the kitchen

Rons78thBDay- (26)

Sitting down for dinner is the best part!

Rons78thBDay- (28)

Diego #2, Alberto, Hernán, Guillermo, Diego, Pete

Rons78thBDay- (29)
Alberto-RonsBDay (1)

A new recipe, chicken primavera, it's supposed to be low-calorie because there's
no cream in the sauce, but there's a ton of cream cheese so I don't think it's very low-cal!

Alberto-RonsBDay (8)

Ron’s amazing carrot cake!  Yummmm!

Alberto-RonsBDay (3)

Some cats like catnip, Boris gets stoned on olives!  He found one on the floor and was making love to it!

Rons78thBDay- (31)

After the guest leave, time to cleanup a little before bed!

Rons78thBDay- (32)

After cake, they hardly touched the masitas, I'll guess we'll have to have them with coffee tomorrow morning!
When we first moved here Ron was thrilled to find out that Argentines have two desserts. First the regular dessert, then they bring out little cookies with coffee afterwards! He's in heaven!

Rons78thBDay- (33)

Flowers for the table

Rons78thBDay- (34)

Cleaning up before going to bed, you can see Rocky in the kitchen looking for food that fell on the floor

Another great dinner with great friends, life is grand!