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Pete's 53 Bday 2015

The birthdays seem to come faster and faster every year.
A good excuse to invite friends over to enjoy a meal together.
January 31, 2015
Actually a few days before my birthday on Feb 3rd as we wanted to have the dinner on a weekend.

Pete-Bday-2015- (1)

Appetizers and cocktails before dinner. Pedro, Tom, Ragen and Michael

Pete-Bday-2015- (2)

Fabian, Pablo and Hernán

Pete-Bday-2015- (3)

Dos Guillermos!

Pete-Bday-2015- (4)

Diego, Alberto and Pete

Pete-Bday-2015- (5)

Diego, Alberto and Ron

Pete-Bday-2015- (6)

Guillermo and Diego

Pete-Bday-2015- (7)

Diego, Guillermo and Guillermo!

Pete-Bday-2015- (8)

Diego and Fabi

Pete-Bday-2015- (9)

Doing a selfie with Fabi

Pete-Bday-2015- (10)

Fabian, Pablo and Hernán

Pete-Bday-2015- (13)

Tom, Michael and Ragen in the back, Pete and Pedro on the floor!

Pete-Bday-2015- (15)

Alberto and Pete

Pete-Bday-2015- (16)

Pete and Michael standing. Alberto, Pedro and Fabi seated.

Pete-Bday-2015- (17)

I love my friends around the dinner table!

Pete-Bday-2015- (18)

Pablo, Hernán, Guillermo, Guillermo and Diego

Pete-Bday-2015- (19)

Chicken Lasagna!

Pete-Bday-2015- (20)

Chicken lasagna, spinach salad and a corn and avocado salad.

Pete-Bday-2015- (21)

I love my friends around the dinner table, but look at all those empty wine glasses, HORRORS!

Pete-Bday-2015- (22)

Alberto, Pedro and Fabian!

Pete-Bday-2015- (23)

We had a few desserts, so we setup a workstation so people could choose what they wanted
German chocolate cake, apple cake and 3 kilos of ice cream! YUMMMM!

Pete-Bday-2015- (24)

Ron makes me a German Chocolate cake from scratch every year for my birthday, this year he seemed
to run out of icing before he got all around the cake, ooops!

Pete-Bday-2015- (25)
Pete-Bday-2015- (26)

Cake and ice cream!

Pete-Bday-2015- (27)

The problem with throwing a dinner party!

Pete-Bday-2015- (28)

Pablo, Michael and Guillermo

Pete-Bday-2015- (29)

What to choose? What to choose?

Pete-Bday-2015- (30)

Pedro brought an apple cake and Ron made me my German Chocolate cake from scratch!

I’m so thankful for Ron and my great friends!

Life is grand!