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Karly's Graduation

Karly’s Graduation Party -  June 2014
We flew to Michigan to celebrate my niece Karly’s graduation as a new RN!
Congrats Karly!
Here’s some photos and comments Ron put together in an email.



This is Joey’s home in Howell, Michigan. The overhang is used to protect that
huge motorhome when the area is not being used for a big party, as it is this day.

Pete was helping to hang the wiring for the lighting that would light the area that
night for the party. It was sure to be going on well after dark.


This is Joey, Pete’s brother, and his daughter Karly, the new RN. The cake was quite a creation.
Very appropriate for a new RN.


Whenever we go to Michigan, Pete loves to use Joey’s lawn mower, which has a zero
turn radius, and is really a challenge to drive, but Pete masters it quite well in no time.

One of the things Karly had for her party was jello & vodka filled syringes, which Joey
Jr. and his friend are enjoying. We went to dinner at a nice restaurant in Hamtramic,

or Polish Town in Detroit, something we always do when we visit Michigan.
Joey is an
expert welder, and restoring old cars is his hobby.


In the first three frames, we are in the Admiral’s Club in Miami International Airport,
and Pete has kicked off his shoes to relax, and we ordered a couple of Manhattans.
The forth frame is in our kitchen, and we have fixed ourselves a Caiparinha,
to kick back and relax after a very long flight home.