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New Years's Eve 13'

New Year's Eve Dinner - Dec 31, 2013

Buenos Aires has had a heat wave for 2 weeks
and our air conditioner conked out last Thursday,
we were almost going to cancel the dinner,
it was THAT hot and humid, but the new year's
eve Fairy was on our side and the heat
wave broke and it was tolerable.
Dinner was a success with good food and good friends.

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (2)

Setting the table. I saw the streamers and thought they would look festive, but they just kind of looked like "Cousin It" from the Addams family.

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (1)
NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (3)

Ron got me new lights for the tree.

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (4)
NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (5)

I’m sure my sister Phyllis would love to have been there!

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (6)

I created a "cool space" in the office if it was too hot, luckily the office air conditioner was working.

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (7)
NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (8)

Waiting for the guests.

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (9)
NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (10)

Ron doing some last minute cleanup

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (11)

I made some paté for the party, along with some cheese and salami.

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (12)

The most important area of the evening.

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (13)
NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (14)

Wearing flip flops on new years, it was too hot for anything else.

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (15)

I’m the luckiest guy in the world!

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (17)

Ron made a cold avocado soup for a starter.
Norm, Tom, Robert, Pedro, Pete

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (18)

Cold avocado soup.  Thought it might be a good idea on a hot evening!

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (19)

Michael and Norm.

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (20)

I asked Ron if he took a handsome pill this morning, he said he took two!

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (21)

Tom, Robert and Pedro.

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (23)

Michael, Norm, Pete

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (24)

Robert and Michael, those are confetti cannons between them, to shoot off the balcony.

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (25)

Waiting for midnight.

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (26)

Tom, Pete and Norm.

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (27)

Robert, Pedro and Michael

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (29)

Pete, Tom and Norm. I got the beads to give everyone for new years.

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (30)
NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (34)
NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (35)

Pedro shoots off a confetti cannon.

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (37)

There were hearts, kisses and even dollar bills in them!

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (40)

People shoot off fireworks all over the city.

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (44)
NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (52)

Pedro said he never had an ornament in his tree like this when he was a boy!

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (53)
NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (55)

One of the cannons had little miniature money.

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (57)

It's even the "new" style of bills with multi colors!

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (59)

The empty confetti canons!

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (58)

The next morning!  We'll get around to starting on this sometime today!

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (60)1

Boris was exhausted from the party.

NewYearsEve-2013-2014- (63)

Rocky wonders why the party stopped and where did everyone go? IT'S TIME TO PARTAY!!!!