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XMas at Tom's 2013

Christmas Dinner 2013
Norm and Robert made dinner for Tom's arrival and yearly visit to Buenos Aires.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Norm-Rorter-Xmas-2013- (1)

Beautiful table setting and both Norm and Robert always have a great display of flowers.

Norm-Rorter-Xmas-2013- (2)

Norm was hard at work in the kitchen.

Norm-Rorter-Xmas-2013- (3)

Tom rented this apartment for a few months, it's quite nice and in a very good location - just a few blocks from our place
The air conditioning was on as it was a VERY hot and humid Buenos Aires night!

Norm-Rorter-Xmas-2013- (4)

Pete at the bar - how unusual......

Norm-Rorter-Xmas-2013- (5)

Norm and Pete enjoying cocktails before dinner with really yummy hors d'oeuvres.

Norm-Rorter-Xmas-2013- (9)

Bob and Michael

It's good to be the queen

Bob's shirt kind of says it all!

Norm-Rorter-Xmas-2013- (10)

They set a very festive xmas table! There were little gift bags in front of everyone's setting.

Norm-Rorter-Xmas-2013- (11)

Bob and Pete

Norm-Rorter-Xmas-2013- (13)

Michael and Norm

Norm-Rorter-Xmas-2013- (14)

Tom and Pete - Tom is visiting from Canada

Norm-Rorter-Xmas-2013- (15)

Norm and Robert brought shrimp from Canada - it's hard to get good shrimp in Buenos Aires! The cocktail was AB FAB!