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3 Holiday Dinners

A few dinners we had and attended in the beginning of 2013!  This was an email Ron sent to my mother on Jan 17, 2013!

Hi Pat. Here are some photo for you for our past week.


We had a dinner Wednesday night, the 9th, with friends, and Pete is getting the salmon ready to poach.


Pete gets his table setting skills from you. Diego brought the flowers, and we couldn't get Jean to stop talking about them.




Pete Note: This is the stocking my mother knitted for me as a child, she made one for each of the six kids with our names on it.


Dinner is served, and around the table are Pete, Olga, Russell, Diego, Michael, Norm and Jean. Olga I think you know (our realty agent and friend for life). Russell and Jean are from Australia and Russell has lived in BsAs for 8 years, and then moved to Bariloche about 2 years ago. Jean is currently in BsAs, but she sort of moves back and forth between here and Bariloche. Diego is an excellent concert pianist who is working on his PhD in music. He will be the only PhD in that field in Argentina. He also teaches piano. Michael is the Princeton psychology professor who owns an apartment here, and comes down between semesters for about 3 months.  Norm is a retired Canadian from Toronto. His partner Robert is a First Class Flight Attendant on Air Canada, and at this time he was back in Toronto for a week of work. He usually flies the Hong Kong route. We had poached salmon on rice with 3 bean salad. Dessert was my Kahlua Pecan Pie, one of the two which I had made for Christmas dinner at Robert and Norman's, and brought home and froze. I heated it in the oven and topped it with fresh whipped cream.


On Sunday night we went to Diego's sister's home in Belgrano (she was in New York at the time), for an asado
prepared by Diego. It was the best asado I had ever been to. Everything was perfect, and most delicious.


How do you like Pete's haircut. He asked me to cut his hair (we have a set of barber clippers that have never been used).
For the first time of cutting his hair it wasn't bad, but I'm sure that with more practice I will do it much better.


Luciano and Ignacio


A beautiful summer night, luckily there was a slight breeze!


On Monday night we had a dinner with some friends: L-R Ricardo, Felipe, Pete, Ariel and Thomas. Although Ricardo
and Ariel have a very nice home just down the hill from us, they spend most of there time in Punta del Este in Uruguay
because the city air does not agree with Ricardo. They were leaving to go back to Punta on Wednesday, so we had a
quick dinner (a repeat of the Wednesday night dinner, poached salmon on rice with a green salad. Both Ricardo and
Felipe both brought ice cream. We'll have ice cream for a week or two, and I'm NOT complaining. ;o)

And that's what we have been up to for the past week. It is really good to get back to our normal routine of playing cards before dinner, and watching our favorite shows which Pete has downloaded from the Internet (commercial FREE).

Thanks for notifying me about the arrival of the packages. There will be one more, but I will schedule our mail from Miami to arrive when we do. It should have our income tax papers in it by then. It will be a DHL envelope.

We love YOU!

Ron & Pete