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Thanksgiving 2012

Ron wrote an email to his kids and grandkids about our Thanksgiving dinner.

Dear Cindy, Scott, Josh, Zach, Jason, Chelsea and Sally,

I'm one day late because I was so caught up in preparing for Thanksgiving that I put off e-mail. Pete and I were invited to Luis and Freddy's home for Thanksgiving. It was a Pot-Luck affair, and I baked my Kahlua Pecan Pie.


Pete made an Asparagus-Onion-Radish salad. (no photo). There were ten of us altogether, and it was a very nice mix of people.


Luis should be at the head of the table, but he is in the kitchen help the maid get the food ready to serve.


Luis is in the red shirt at the end. Freddy is in Columbia selling art works (that is his business). Luis said that he went
there with 17 paintings and had 24 clients to visit. The first client bought 4 paintings. Not much left for the others.

Everyone brought something to compliment Luis' turkey, making it way too much food, but everything was so delicious that I think I suffered from the Food Coma you mentioned in your facebook message Cindy. I had actually made two pies, and we kept one at home. We were so stuffed after dinner that it was hard to enjoy the pie then, although everyone raved about how good it was. This morning Pete and I had recovered somewhat from our glut of the night before, and were able to enjoy a nice piece of Kahlua Pecan Pie with our coffee. We were both glad that I had baked two of them. ;o)


Marcelo, the gentleman at the end of the table is a famous architect here in Buenos Aires. He writes articles for one of papers.


This is a great shot of the others, but I moved my eyes at exactly the wrong moment. Isn't it the responsibility of
the photographer to make sure that everyone is ready for the photo? LOL There is always one in every crowd.


Juan Jose, with Luis, is the Uruguayan ambassador to Argentina, and is a very nice fellow.


The two ladies present, Laura and Maria Jose, are twin sisters (maternal, not identical). They struggled a little with their English but
did well enough, and spared us all from having to listen to me struggle with my Spanish. I'm a hopeless case.


Luis set a marvelous table, and the turkey on the right held our silverware, and was a gift from Luis to take home.

We did have a wonderful Thanksgiving, but we both missed our families. I did not feel sorry for Luis as we all left at around midnight. He had his maid Marcella to do the cleanup work. I was thankful for many things: health, family, friendships, peace in the world, and also for the fact that we did not have to have a huge Thanksgiving party to prepare for. Pot lucks are GREAT!

We hope that all of you had a wonderful day as well.

Much Love,

Dad and Pete

A few more pics from the party.