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Cruise - Chapter 1

When we arrived at the Termini Train Station there was some confusion as to which track our train was leaving from.  We got different answers depending upon which teller you talked to.  The consensus seemed to be Track 7, so that was where we headed with our bags.


There was a train on the track, but it was not the one going to Civitivecchia. 


The sign said this train was going to Velletri, and was leaving at 12:03.  That still left enough time to move another train onto the track for us.  But there were so many tracks, that hardly seemed logical.  Pete decided to go check out some alternative tracks, and I waited there with our luggage.


Pete was gone a long time, and I started to get a little worried because the train for Velletri had left, and there was no other train moving onto the track, plus it was getting close to the time our train was to depart.  Finally he comes running back and says grab your bag, we have to go to track 1.  So, off we go as fast as we could.  We did stop for 30 seconds to buy a couple of sandwiches for lunch.  We got to track 1 as they were boarding.  We found a car and shared a cabin with 4 other people.  We were lucky, because after that, many passengers were left standing in the isle just outside the cabins.  We arrived at the port, got a taxi to the ship, and went through the line to get our credit card impression made (probably the most important thing to do, for Celebrity).

We finally make it on board, and find ourselves with a couple of cosmopolitans in hand.  There is no point in finding our cabin, because we know it will be a while before our luggage will arrive.


We find a couple of lounge chairs and order mojitos.  It feels really good to just relax, but the short time we spend here on these lounge chairs is probably the longest period of relaxation we get for the rest of the cruise.  We have signed up for a shore excursion at every port of call.  Little did I know, but that meant that we would be on the go practically all the time.


There were lots of places to get food on board, so we stopped for a hamburger, and then we decided to explore the ship.  The Celebrity Silhouette was launched in Hamburg, Germany on the 23rd of July, 2011 and immediately cruised for the next 7 days to Rome.  We boarded her on 1 August for a ten day cruise in the Mediterranean.

The ship has an occupancy of 2,886 guests; tonnage: 122,200, length: 1,063 feet; beam: 121 feet; draught: 27 feet; cruising speed: 24 knots.


The port of Civitivecchia appears to be a major port for Italy.  It is close to Rome and it appears to be alive with commerce.


It is an extremely clean harbor, well maintained and capable of handling vast numbers of cargo ships as well as cruise ships.


The Relaxation Lounge is exactly that.  It has a well equipped bar, and is spacious, with comfortable chairs, and a stage for shows in the evenings.  The upper decks are large and the lounge chairs are comfortable.  The glass in the railings gives you not only protection from the sea breezes, but also unobstructed visibility.


We somehow manage to make ourselves feel right at home.  It is still quite early, and we have not even pulled away from the dock yet.  I feel that it will be happening soon.  We are ready to be on our way.  Our first port of call will be La Spezia, and from there we can visit either Florence or Pisa.  We chose the Florence option, as we both wanted to see Michelangelo's David again.


Other passengers had evidently already been to their cabins, and had changed into more comfortable attire.  We also noticed that on the upper deck there was a ball court, with adequate netting to keep the balls on board the ship.  Also, at this time we were pulling away from the dock and getting under weigh.


We were at the bow when we first started to pull away from the dock, so we quickly moved to the stern, to see the port of Civitivecchia fall behind us.  On our way aft we passed by the Lawn Club.  If you want to feel like a Lilliputian, just stop by the Lawn Club.


Those have got to be the second largest set of Legos I have ever seen, and definitely THE largest lawn chair.


The ship is moving fast, so Civitivecchia falls far behind us quickly.  But guess what, there is a bar on the fantail.  How convenient. We have yet to see our cabin.  We are amidship, Deck 7 on the Port side.  It is right at a bulge in the side of the ship, so we have a balcony that extends out further than the rest of the cabins.  Perhaps we will get to see it soon.  In the meantime we are just enjoying the events of the moment, and grateful to have finally arrived.


As the sun slowly wends its way towards the western horizon, folks are gathering around the pool area and socializing.  This place comes to life at night, with a fantastic laser light show, booming music, and at times, some of the most outrageous outfits.  There were several theme nights, and although we were not into costumes, we did enjoy observing the creations of others.

Now it is time to find our room, and see if our suitcases have arrived yet.  We are looking forward to Florence tomorrow.