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April 2010

Roger returns to Buenos Aires!
Visiting Tigre, Argentina and Colonia, Uruguaya

Our friend Roger visited us for a week, this was his third visit to Buenos Aires.  Ron wrote up a letter for friends on two excursions we did while Roger was here, which I've documented below.  Roger had only visited Buenos Aires before, so this was his first time for him to see what lies "outside" the hustle/bustle city we live in.

Text and photos by Ron.

Hi all,

Our friend Roger French has been here visiting us for the past week. He flew back home to Dallas, Texas last night. It was nice having him here, because it caused us to be on vacation, too. We took him on a train ride (the Mitre line out of Retiro to the end of the line at the Bartolomé Mitre station) and from there via the Tren de la Costa to Tigre for a boat tour of the Delta, which is always fun. Two days later we took the Buquebus (a ferry boat) across the Rio de la Plata to Colonia in Uruguay. It's a nice touristy little colonial town founded by the Portuguese in 1680. We spent the day there, and had a nice lunch. Here are a few photos of the fun times we had with Roger.


Pete and I sitting on a bench at the Bartolomé Mitre train station waiting for the Tren de la Costa to return from the Delta.


This is the Tren de la Costa and it runs every 30 minutes. I believe if you stay on the train to the end it takes about 25

minutes, but we always get off in San Isidro to visit the Catholic church there.


San Isidro is a city in Greater Buenos Aires and is one of the most affluent municipalities in Argentina.

The city is called the "National Capital of Rugby".


Roger andPete boldly stride towards the open doors as I hold back, anticipating bolts of

lightening from above. But alas, nothing happened.


I was curious as to how much detail of the stained glass windowsI could get with my new

Canon S90 camera. I was pleasantly surprised. It does quite well in low light situations.


In the background is the boat we are about to board for our 2 hour cruise through the Delta in a huge loop.


It was Tuesday, and autumn, so the boat was not at all crowded. And as an added bonus, the weather was perfect. Roger

and Pete are waiting for our cruise through the Delta to begin. It's Roger's 3rd visit with us, the last being 3 years ago.


As I said, the season is autumn so the leaves are turning colors, and the bright sunshine really amplified the colors.


Along the way we passed by old iron ships that have been abandoned, and are half sunken, a dim shadow of happier times.


In the summer time not a single lounge chair stands empty. And the sandy beaches are lined with sun bathers.


This is the home of the 7th President of Argentina, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, term in office was from October 1868 to

October 1874, and it has been completely enclosed in a glass case to preserved it for posterity.


Two days later we were in Colonia, and it is a fantastic day, even clearer than the day on the Delta in Tigre.


There were lots of weeping willows, and they were beautiful.


With my camera held at arms length, I take a self portrait of Pete and I. We're growing older, and enjoying life even more.  (Note from Pete: “Speak for yourself old man!”)


This is a shot of the Buquebus as it returns to Buenos Aires. We'll be catching the 4:30 return trip much later today.


It was nice that we came on a Thursday, because there were very few tourists, and we had the place pretty much to ourselves.


The sun forms a hallow behind the lighthouse. I couldn't resist taking the shot.


Colonia was built on the bank of the Rio de la Plata, with a huge fortress to protect it from invasion by sea (or river).


That guy half way up the lighthouse tower is standing on a precarious platform suspended by a single rope as he paints the underside of the catwalk above him. I would not want that job.


This building has seen lots of history. I wonder how many generations have lived inside these walls.


This fortress wall was built with such precision. Can you imagine the patience it took to lay all those stones?


And here is the other side of the wall. Amazing!


We stop for lunch at this quaint little sidewalk cafe. The streets are all cobble stone so my feet were really sore from them.


It felt so good to sit down and relax. I find that I'm not quite as agile as I once was. But I get by, and still have fun.


Pete ordered the Chivito sandwich ... I ordered the Sorrentinos ... & Roger got Ravioli with Chicken


This old truck will never move from this spot, but it echos a colorful past.


The river seems to be a little high. Those mooring posts are partially submerged. Back to the drawing board.


The bogainvilla seem to really thrive in this climate.


This church was across the street from where we age lunch. We ventured inside after we finished eating.


The leaves are just starting to fall. Can you imagine what it will be like in a month.


This is a palo boracho tree, which means drunk tree. You wouldn't want to climb it.


The Duty Free shop is the first thing you see when you board the ship.


This staircase leads up to the First Class seating. We came Tourist Class.


But Tourist Class wasn't all that bad. We are headed back to Buenos Aires now, after having a wonderful day in Colonia.

Well, I hope I have not bored you too much with all the photos. I just wanted to share our happy experiences with you.

Hugs, kisses and love,

Ron & Pete