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June '09 New York

For both of us, our first real trip to New York City
I was in New York for one day with my buddy Jeff when we were 18,
but we only spent one day there, however,
we did actually get to the top of the World Trade center.
Ron was only in New York for a weekend when he was in the military, so it was really both of ours first experience visiting New York. 
Our Argentine friends couldn’t believe we were both from the USA and had never visited New York, so we thought this was a great opportunity to visit one of the world’s great cities.


Times Square / Empire State Building / Ground Zero / Brooklyn Bridgenewyork-2009-pej-077-thumb

newyork-2009-pej-177-thumbCity Tour / Metropolitan Museum / Our first Broadway Show

WallStreet / Lincoln Museum / Staten Island Ferrynewyork-2009-ron-307-thumb

newyork-2009-pej-308-merged-thumbStatue of Liberty / Guggenheim / Central Park / St John's Cathedral

Natural History Museum / Modern Art Museum / Manhatten Cruisenewyork-2009-ron-719-thumb