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June 2008

Rafa / Rocky joins the household!


A friend told us about a great animal shelter in Congreso so we went to check it out

The place is quite large with separate areas for dogs and cats.  Looking around I was pleased how good the facilities were, clean with no animal smell, I asked the lady showing us around if she received any money from the government to run the shelter and she sadly shook her head no and said everything is by donations.

We saw many kittens and many adult cats.  The woman running things was very hesitant to place a kitten with us, I guess she thought we were just temporary residents and after a year we would abandon the cat in a park when we went “home”.  I assured her we live here full time and have no plans on leaving Buenos Aires.  She wanted us to bring our current gas/electric/water bills, and our home purchase agreement to prove that we really are residents here.  I thought this was good that she was really concerned about the animals and wouldn’t just give a pet to anyone that asked for one. 

We returned the next day with copies of our documents and met Marina, a very sweet girl who spoke English so we could explain our situation.  I think she was comfortable that we would be good parents so she showed us a room full of cats.  It’s very hard to decide when there are so many lovely animals, all wanting a home but we decided on “Rafa”, short for Rafael.

We put “Rafa” in the cat carrier we brought and after signing adoption papers that said we would take care of him, give them all the proper medical shots, etc., Marina just kissed us and thanked us for adopting Rafa and waved goodbye to Rafa.

I was a little taken back and asked her, “Isn’t there any cost?”  She said the animals are free to good homes, but the initial inoculation shot they gave the kitten was 15 pesos and if we wanted we could pay them for that.  I was really impressed, so I gave her 40 pesos and told her she should be very proud of the work they are doing to find homes for needy animals.

We got Rafa home and gave him an initial flea bath just to make sure he was clean.


Rafa was really good when we bathed him and didn’t struggle at all, I think this shows that he was well taken care of at the shelter and received lots of love, he seemed to totally trust us. 

We introduced him to Boris and like most young children, they are very accepting of others and that same afternoon they were sleeping together.


We renamed Rafa to Rocky, also from the Bullwinkle show.