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Goodbye Loretta!

After 17 years we say goodbye to
a dear friend and good kitty kat!


Friday January 11, 2008 - This holiday season has not been a good one for our cats. Loretta is over 17 years old and was just being an old cat, we liked to call him “Yoda”, because..., well..., he looked like “Yoda”! I don’t know if Gonzalita passing away had anything to do with it, or the terrible heat and humidity of the Buenos Aires summer, but Loretta went from just being slow, to not being able to get up in just 10 days time. We took him to the vet to be humanely put to sleep. Our house is now vacant of pets and it seems very empty. We plan on getting two more cats after we return from a planned vacation in February since we’ll be gone several weeks.


When we first got them, they were so tiny the vet thought they were both female, so we called them Scarlett and Loretta.  Scarlett has darker black stripes, Loretta ‘s stripes and coloring were more grey.
After “she” grew a little we could tell Loretta was a male, but he already knew his name, so we just left it that way.  My sister said to call him Larry, but I’ve never liked that name!