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In Heat!  July '06

Gonzalita goes into heat!


Thought you might find some humor in hearing about some recent events.

Little Gonzalita experienced her first heat. She started gently howling and we wondered what she was up to, thinking she was bored, she's not really a vocal cat, just the usual "feed me" howls. Then it got worse and worse, then it sounded like she was caught in a blender or someone just put a 50 lb weight on her back, then when you petted her she stuck her ass in the air and assumed the position.


We couldn’t sleep at night, she would wake us at 4am howling.  When I discussed whether we should neuter her (because both our current cats are fixed), a friend told us of her cat jumping off her 19th floor balcony to find a boyfriend while in heat, TWICE, the first time she survived, the 2nd time she didn't. We obviously wanted to get her fixed, surfing the internet it said a cat can go into heat from 4 months to 10 and we weren’t sure when to schedule the surgery. Gonzalita is now 7 months old so I guess it was time.

We decide to take her to the vets but I didn't think I could get through another night of the howling.  I remember a friend who told us about the "Q-tip" trick. The "Q-tip" trick?!??! I'll have to google that.

Sure enough, the "Q-tip" trick seems widely known amongst cat owners who don't neuter their cats. One description told  how to use a "Q-tip" to reproduce the actions of intercourse and induce ovulation, causing relief to both the cat and her owners.  I get out the "Q-tip", wet it, and tried my best. Gonzalita seemed to be enjoying it, A LOT, hmmmmmmmmmmmm, I guess it was working. The article didn't say how long to do it.  How long does it take a kitty to have a little kitty orgasm?


Not wanting to hurt her I left her alone, she seemed content, happy, looked like she wanted a martini and a cigarette, so I hope I've done my fatherly deed and relieved her pent up frustrations.

That lasted about an hour and she started howling again, even more then last time, I think she had a taste of the wild side and decided she liked it.

Out comes the Q-tip again.

I'm a little more confident this time, not wanting to hurt her, but knowing how to hit the spot, she's really liked it this time, but she was still hissing, biting, scratching, all the signs of good sex, then returning and putting her butt in the air. I did that for a bit and hoped she was done.

2 hours of quiet, then the howling was WORSE!


Hello Mr. Q-tip! Are you ready to go back to work!??

This time I was determined to go a little longer hoping Gonzalita would hit the big "O" and we can retire Mr Q-tip forever. I'm doing the nasty with my kitty when she pulls away and there's no end on Mr Q-tip, he lost his head! OH SH*T!

"Ron, you won't believe what happened!" Of course Ron wanted nothing to do with Mr Q-tip and was in the other room on the computer.

We inspected as best we could, but couldn't see Mr Q-tips head. We were both mortified and concerned over hurting Gonzalita.


Next day we took her to the vet and I made my embarrassing confession, "I read about Mr Q-tip on the internet Ms. Veterinarian, honest!"  I was expecting a major scolding when she told me this is a well known way to relieve a cat of her cravings and it's very safe and effective, I sighed a huge sigh of relief.  She did say she never heard of the cotton coming off before.  She inspected Gonzalita but couldn't find Mr Q-tip's head and said to just observe her and make sure she is urinating ok.

Next we have to wait a week before we have Gonzalita neutered, the vet said it's better to wait until she is done with her cycle.

Mr Q-tip hopefully will be retired for good!

P.S. Black cats are like black cars, they show ever speck of dust on them, next time, get a white cat!