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October 2005

Mom and Aunt Hazel’s Visit

We invited mom and Aunt Hazel to come visit us for our spring.  My mom doesn’t like hot weather much, so we thought springtime would be the perfect time to visit.  After they arrived we went out for lunch at a favorite local neighborhood place, “Rodi-Bar”.


Then we took them to the artisan’s fair at the Recoleta cemetery to let them do some shopping.


The next day we took them to the old antique fair at Plaza Dorego in San Telmo
to so some more shopping and have a tango show lunch.

San Telmo Antique Fair

The next evening we had a dinner to introduce our friends to mom and Aunt Hazel.  Of course, I put them both to work to help us out.

Mom and Hazel Dinner Party!

Every evening we would play cards before dinner, our family has always enjoyed playing cards and mom and aunt Hazel both enjoyed joining us in our nightly tradition.


We had 2 trips planned so I thought they would enjoy a nice simple dinner at home.  I poached some salmon and with Diego’s and David’s flowers on the table we had a wonderful dinner.


After a few days of getting acclimated to Buenos Aires it was off to the south to see the fantastic glaciers in the south.


Notice cool View!

We returned from Calafayte and had a whole 5 hours before we took off for Iguazu falls in the jungles of the north between Argentina and Brazil


Two years ago I bought a fantastic painting from a local Argentina artist called Juan Carlos Lasser.  The best part of buying the painting was we got to visit his home and studio and see many of his paintings.  I had a wall that desperately needed one of his paintings and I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to see more paintings, invite my mom and aunt to his home and let them experience something that I feel is magical, to see an artist in his element, where he creates his art.  We asked the gallery owner Ariel if he could arrange another private showing and of course he was happy to set up a showing (in the hope I’m sure that something would be purchased). 

The event turned out to be everything I hoped for to show my mother and aunt, I also found 2 amazing paintings I just HAD TO HAVE!!!


The two weeks flew by in a snap, for the last evening in Buenos Aires we took mom and Aunt Hazel to a tango dinner show.