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Cabo San Lucas, '05

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
with Russell and Gonzalo

Saturday February 19th, 2005 – This year we invited our friends Russell and Gonzalo to join us in Mexico.  There isn’t much of a “Journal” to keep while you’re in Mexico, the vacation consists of eating, drinking, reading, laying by the pool or ocean, swimming, etc.  In other words it’s HEAVEN, but very boring to read about if you are not the one experiencing it.

Russell is from New Zealand and has been living in Buenos Aires for the last 2 years, he was visiting the city and feel in love with it, so he stayed.  He took an intensive Spanish class and is now fluent in Spanish.  I’ve lived here almost 5 years and still can’t handle a decent conversation in Spanish, oh well!  Guess I need to check out that intensive class.  Soy vago! (I am lazy!)

Gonzalo is Argentine, an artist who is currently attending university.

Neither had been to Cabo San Lucas before.  Before we started the trip Russell asked me, “So what do you normally do while in Mexico?”  I told him, “Absolutely nothing!”  I think it took him about a week of vacationing with us before he realized I was totally serious.

Our first stop, “Billigan’s” a bar on the beach that has happy hour all day long.


Russell and Gonzalo wanted to take some jet ski’s out, Ron and I wanted to read and lay by the beach.



                                                                                                    I think Russell is getting used to this!





                                                                                                                I missed what this is about!



               Dinner is always a highlight of the day!                    The view from our rooms, there was a full moon!




     Another day??  Another time??  Who knows, we we’re having too much fun to realize time was passing.


Mom gave us these little chocolate bottles filled with liquor to take with us on the trip.


                                                                                              In general, Argentines don't drink much alcohol
                                                                                                we were getting Gonzalo used to margaritas!


                                                                                       Argentines are also not used to eating a large breakfast.

Russell is a certified dive instructor and asked us if we wanted to go scuba diving.  Neither of us had ever tried it and we both wanted to.  This seemed like a perfect opportunity.  We both have been snorkeling our whole lives, I’m not claustrophobic but I have to admit the idea of lots of water and distance between me and the surface has always made me feel a little uneasy about trying scuba, I have ALWAYS had problems with leaky masks and the fact that I have a moustache makes it even worse. 

Russell checked out the local dive shops and found one that was PADI certified, which means they are a serious and safe business.  We watched an hour video on what we were about to do and then headed out on the boat.



I wanted to get in the water first as I was feeling uncomfortable and nervous, I wanted to get used to the regulator.  While floating in the water, I was not liking my first moments, the regulator is VERY noisy and feels like you’re hyperventilating (I probably was), with snorkel gear it’s silent.  I kept putting my face under the water trying to get accustomed to the regulator and all the bubbles in front of my face.  The instructor swam over and signaled me that he was going to take me down to the bottom, about 12 feet down, holding onto the anchor rope, he took me down, down, down, it seemed like forever.  I was then kneeling on the bottom while he went to get Ron, I was still concentrating on trying to breath normally, looking at the surface, I really wanted to get up and out of there and back on the boat, but forced myself to relax. 

The instructor brought Ron down and then we practiced a few things, like clearing our mask, taking the regulator out of our mouths, reinserting it, etc.  I kept holding my breath when I took the regulator away, the instructor signaled to me to let out a constant stream of bubbles until the regulator is back in my mouth, he made me do it again. 


He then signaled us for our “tour” to begin, he held onto the both of us and kind of steered us around.  The whole time we were doing this Russell was swimming around us, taking some pictures with an underwater camera.  It was a cloudy day and the water visibility was not very good.  However, as we went deeper, I did get to see lots of fish I’ve never seen before.  Luckily my mask was not a problem and didn’t leak hardly at all.  I did sneak a few peeks up towards the surface, to see how deep we were, but I really didn’t want to know.  Later I asked Russell and he said we got down to about 25 feet.  The water was unusually cold, even in full body wetsuits, the dive “tour” lasted about a half an hour. 



We then got back up on the boat, I was finally getting used to the regulator and being so far under the water.  Ron and I both agreed we’d like to try it again, but in warmer waters in the Caribbean.


This is more like it, dinner!









We wanted to take them on a whale watching trip, of course anything on the water in Mexico includes drinks!


                                                                                                               We haven't even left the dock yet!



                I think the Jungle Juice (Rum punch)
                      is having an effect on Gonzalo!





Wow, that was a fast week, now we head to the Westin resort for our second week.







Afternoon snack!


The view from our Westin balcony



Russell and Gonzalo would explore the beach in the mornings, we slept in!




Someone say lunch?


We went to San Jose del Cabo for dinner.


The end of a great trip!