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November 2004

Tim and Frank’s Visit

Tuesday November 2nd, 2004 - The presidential elections.  A sister of a friend of mine, Lisa Thomas, was here visiting.  Robbie and Nancy were enjoying their visit and we invited them to a party at Russell’s house.

Nancy, Robbie, Ron and Pete

The party was either going to be a wake or a celebration, we weren’t sure.  Obviously as the night went on it turned into a wake.


We did the usual tourist stuff and showed them the town.







Then a dinner to meet our friends.


                                 Ron, Hernán, Alberto                                                Gustavo, Pedro, Tim and Frank


           Pete, Tim, Frank, Gustavo and Pedro


Tuesday November 16th, 2004 – Frank and Tim had only been gone 2 days when Ron said, “I want to have Thanksgiving dinner next week!”  I was just enjoying having our home back to ourselves and told him to give me a few days to think about.  Of course, Ron bugged me about a ˝ hour later, “I want to have a dinner!”, when I barked back “GIVE ME A FEW DAYS WILL YA?!”, another ˝ hour and he’s asking me, “Have you thought about it yet?”  “OK, OK!”, I said, “We’ll have a dinner”, Ron leapt at the computer to start inviting people by email.

Wednesday November 24th, 2004 – Ron starts making pies, he loves to bake, THANK GOD I found my “Kahlua Holiday Recipe Book”, I mailed off for that thing like 20 years ago and every recipe is a gold mine.  I thought I lost it in the move from California to Bs.As. and previously went to their website but couldn’t find any decent recipes.  The recipes were perfect, why wouldn’t they still have them on their website?  We had found the recipes and Ron wanted to make the traditional Kahlua Pumpkin and Kahlua Pecan pies (see a trend here?).  Ron was baking all day, whistling as he does when he’s happy, baking away.


Thursday November 25th, 2004 – Being that Argentines are so late in eating dinner, our thanksgiving dinner was set for about 10pm instead of the usual 3:30 pm or so as would be the norm in the USA.  That meant we didn’t have to get the 9 kilo (19.8 lbs) turkey in the oven till about 2 pm.  Turkeys are not common here, in fact you have to order them special from the butcher.  Ron had first ordered a smaller bird, but the guest list kept growing until we had 15, and Ron thought it wise to get a bigger bird. 


Ron had made individual place settings for everyone, so they wouldn’t have stand around not knowing where to sit.  I placed them out trying to figure out a good place for everyone, GEEZ, that ain’t easy.


Once everyone arrived and we sat down for dinner, I raised my glass and gave thanks for what we have, our friends, our good fortune.  I explained how thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, because it’s not about getting gifts for everyone, or having the best decorations, it’s about giving thanks for what we have.  Saludos!

Then someone noticed the setting arrangements had all been changed, Damian was to blame, he was trying to separate all the couples!


                Russell          Gonzalo         Ignacio                               Ignacio         Adrian             Damian       Alberto


                             Diego, David, Gustavo & Luis                                                         Ron & Carlos