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October 2004

Ignacio’s Building, Halloween
and Pedro’s for Dinner!

Friday October 8th , 2004 – Our friend Ignacio is building a small apartment building in a small city called Colón about 350 kilometers north of Bs.As. in an area called “Entre Rios” (because it’s between 2 huge rivers).  Ignacio has been friends with an architect for over 20 years and they have renovated many apartments together.  The architect’s father lives in Colón and he mentioned about a piece of vacant land that looks out over the river.  He was saying it would be perfect to build upon.  The father just happened to live right behind the vacant land, and the architect’s other brother just happened to be a building contractor.  Nothing could be more perfect, the father to look after the property once it’s finished, the two brothers to design and build the property, and Ignacio to finance it.  We were excited to hear about the project and Ignacio invited us to visit it with him.

When we arrived they were working on the basic floor and ceiling structure of the top 4th floor, there was a really nice artists rendition and billboard in front of the property.  Ignacio said when they were trying to come up with a name for the building, he asked the father, “What is your wife’s name?” to which he said “Aurora”, “Aurora” just happens to mean “sunrise” in Spanish, so this seemed a perfect name as the building looks out over the river where the sun comes up everyday.



An article in the local paper.

There was a really rickety structure for the workers to walk up, OSHA would not be very happy with this.  We crawled the stairs, one person at a time just to be sure.  I like heights but this was certainly not a very sound structure to be lifting bricks and concrete up.



After visiting the property Ignacio stopped off at a realtor’s office.  Ignacio is considering other projects in the city and wanted to talk to the realtor about a few things.  Ignacio asked if it was ok to say we were his “American international investors” and ONLY speak English to the guy, we were more then happy to just be window dressing.

After the realtor we had a very nice lunch on the town’s square, a very nice day.


                     The main street of Colón.

Wednesday October 13th, 2004 – Ron and I both had a winter cold for our 22nd anniversary in June, so we were finally getting around to celebrating.  A friend had told us of a little restaurant right near our home called “La Olla de Félix” or the “Félix’ Cooking Pot”.  We’ve walked past it a million times and never noticed it, a very small place, maybe 10 tables.  We invited Diego and David to join us for dinner and they first stopped by our place for a pre-dinner aperitif.  

Ron         Diego         David          Pete

Luckily Diego called for reservations, because they are small they are usually booked every night of the week.  We were seated at our table and the waiter pointed at the chalk board on the wall for the evening meals.  There were about 6 entrees and 5 desserts, all very reasonably priced.  Diego inquired about appetizers or salads and was told, “There are none, what you see on the board is the entire menu!”  The owner was bustling about the restaurant with 2 other servers, gabbing with everyone like they were old friends, probably because they WERE old friends.  Diego then inquired about wines and was given a short verbal listing of the wines.  We picked a simple red Malbec to go along with our meal.  The meal was fantastic, we all enjoyed desserts and coffee.  The only problem with a small place like this is 1 or 2 smokers can really stink up a small restaurant and one of the smokers was the owner, as he went from table to table inquiring everyone on their meals.

Friday October 22nd, 2004 – I received the terrible news that my aunt Loraine had passed away.  Aunt Loraine had a very unique sound to it and her laugh made my day and warmed my soul every time I heard it.  She drove a school bus for many years.  When we lived in Berkley, Michigan in the 70s, when she had a team sporting event in the evenings, she would drop off the team and then have to return in a few hours to pick them up.  She would stop by our home in Berkley and visit with my mother and I.  Aunt Loraine would put tears in my eyes from laughing so hard telling us stories, my face and sides would ache.  I can still hear laughter now.  She will be with us all in our hearts forever.

Aunt Loraine’s family.

Donna      Denise (Tyler)    David     Diane      &   Dennis

Sunday October 31st , 2004 – We were asked to help out again with the children’s Halloween party.  Not one to really enjoy a room full of kids, I hate to admit it but it is fun to take their pics and print them out for them.


          Ron prints the photos while I eat something.

Mummy Wrap!


Pedro invited us to his house for dinner, David made empanadas from scratch.



                           David and Pedro                                               Fernando, Carlos (Charley) and Guillermo 


                          Diego, Pete, Pedro, David