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July 2003

Custom Designed Dining Room Chairs!

Tuesday July 1st, 2003 – Now that the apartment details are being finalized we started hanging our art work we had shipped from California.  We had picture rails installed in most of the rooms so we wouldn’t have to drill into the brick walls to hang pictures.  This made it much easier to hang the pictures and also made me feel more comfortable that if we didn’t like were we hung something, we could change it and not have to deal with a huge hole in the wall.

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Sunday July 6th , 2003 – Ignacio invited us to a party to meet some new friends, Greg and Lewis are from San Francisco and are considering buying a hotel here and starting a business.  We were happy to join him in eating and drinking some wine and offering any “real life” advice we could give them.  The party was great and like most parties we didn’t get a lot of chances to meet and talk with everyone that we would have liked.  Lewis told me that he’s been in the hotel business before and was sure they could make it profitable.  They had looked at youth hostel that was for sale but would need major renovations to turn it into a modern hotel, they were still debating whether it was a good idea to start a business in a foreign country!

Monday July 7th, 2003 – Santorini’s delivered our kitchen chairs and coffee table furniture.  The chairs are beautiful and really go with the colors of the kitchen.

 Breakfast table and 3 new chairs in yellow leather

              I really liked the design of the chair backs              My center work area, I call this my ñoqui table
                                                                                             because this is where my friend Alberto
                                                                                            is going to teach me how to make ñoquis.
                                                                                              He makes the best ñoquis I've ever had.

               This is our Brazillian Amarrillo  (yellow) granite that is
         throughout the kitchen, it has gold sparkles when the light hits it

The coffee table looked very large but Ron said it was perfect.  The apartment is starting to actually look like an apartment.

Thursday July 10th, 2003 – I had read that Joshua Bell was going to be playing one night at the Teatro Colón .  Joshua Bell is a famous violinist from the U.S.A. and one of Ron’s favorites.  We’ve been here almost 3 years and haven’t seen a performance yet at Buenos Aire’s gorgeous opera house, Teatro Colón, so this seemed like a perfect combination.  Ron got tickets the previous Sunday and we walked over to the Colón.  The Colón is beautiful, we’ve been there before for tours, but being there with it filled with people was wonderful.  The concert was fantastic and Joshua Bell played with the symphony and then did solos throughout the first half of the performance.  We were in the 2nd row in the orchestra and it was fun to be able to see the expressions on the performers faces, it was also interesting to see them watching the conductor.  I always wondered how much of the performance was really up to the conductor, and it seemed like he controlled them all on strings.  Joshua Bell came out for 5 encores before playing a solo piece from “The Red Violin” movie, it was quite haunting to hear just him playing in the theatre, his notes floating to the top of the nose bleeding balconies. We nabbed a class of white wine at intermission and then walked home in the brisk winter evening.

Monday July 14th, 2003 –  They came to install the leather covered headboard for the glass block bed, WOW, it seemed huge.  I couldn’t understand why the architects made the headboard so large.  Hmmmm, maybe I’ll get used to it.

It seems out of proportion

Next, “Mi Cocina” came to look at one of the kitchen cabinet doors that was warped.  I didn’t think it was a big deal but Ron insisted that it be replaced.  The guy who came to look at it first tried to adjust the door, only to make it worse, Ron was trying to explain, “You can’t adjust it, it’s warped!”  The man agreed to replace it and Ricardo (the architect) asked him how long it would take, “3 months”, the man said as we all laughed.  At least he had a sense of humor about it.

Wednesday July 16th, 2003 – Today the sofa and my dining room chairs were delivered.  OMG!!!, the chairs are beautiful, better then I imagined!!!!  I was so thrilled and the architects were visually relieved, I think they were worried that the design would be strange or I wouldn’t like it.  Now the apartment is really coming together.  Next we need the stereo cabinet and the TV table that the carpenter is building for us and we should be ready for a house warming party.

              WOWOWOW!!!!!!!!!!!  I love them!

Saturday July 19th, 2003 – We give the cats drinks of water from the bidet in the bathroom, although we always provide them water by their eating dishes, they seem to like drinking running water over water just sitting in a bowl.  I walked into the bathroom and saw Scarlett sleeping in the bidet.  This looked extremely uncomfortable, but, hey, what do I know?

When we first moved into the new apartment we discovered that our VCR was damaged, I assumed it was just jolted during the move and the heads got out of alignment so Ron went to get it fixed.  It took a few weeks to repair it (they said it would be 5 days) but when I plugged it all together, the symptoms were the same, the picture was coming through but it was all fuzzy and distorted.  We paid 180 pesos to get it fixed, how could they give it back to us still broken?  We took the VCR back to the repair shop and explained the situation.  The girl took the VCR into the back room for a technician to try it out and after a few minutes she came back and told us to follow her.  Sure enough the VCR was working fine.  I started thinking about it and remembered that when we first started listening to music in the apartment, that I could hear the radio play when I was playing a CD on my little portable stereo.  I thought that it also got damaged in the move.  Then when I started to use my PC, I could hear the radio being played on my PC speakers, it was very faint but it was there.  Ron thought that maybe someone in our building was trying to pipe the radio through the electrical connections so they could have speakers throughout the house.

All these things started to click and I realized that the player was probably getting some kind of interference through the electrical cord.  They then asked me which floor we live on and when I said the 19th floor they both just kind of sighed and said that interference like this is common in tall buildings.  I asked the technician if there is some kind of line filter or buffer, I know sometimes they put these big magnetic “donuts” around cables in order to cancel out interference.  He didn’t know of anything but I figured I could email the guy who installed our stereo and DVD player and maybe he would have some ideas.  At least the VCR was fixed although at the moment we can’t use it in our house.